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What is a Mortgage Broker (Consultant)?

A mortgage broker is an independent consultant, or intermediary between the mortgage lender and the consumer. Mortgage Brokers are trained, independent professionals licensed to represent and provide you with the best consultation for your mortgage needs. Our advice is always free and we can save you money. Mortgage broker will shop for consumer with the available lenders to find the mortgage product that offers the best combination of features, options and rates to suit your individual circumstances.

A good Mortgage Broker can SAVE you thousands of dollars.
Eleven reasons to use a Mortgage Broker.

1. A Mortgage Broker represents YOU, not the big banks (Lenders). So they can negotiate a deal that suit your needs.

2. A Mortgage Broker increases competition in the market place, thus keeping rates low.

3. A Mortgage Broker can get best mortgage rates for pre approvals & rates guaranteed up to 120 days.

4. A Mortgage Broker saves you Time and Money because we provide Free consultation with no fees.

5. A Mortgage Broker is Expert at matching your mortgage needs with the best-suited mortgage products.

6. A Mortgage Broker specializes in mortgage products and remain updated on current market trends.

7. A Mortgage Broker rely on your referrals and repeat customers so he/she have vested interest in satisfying your needs.

8. A Mortgage Broker stays up-to-date on all mortgage products, rates, terms, amortization periods as well as re-payment options available on the market.

9. A Mortgage Broker does Fast credit check and mortgage pre-approvals with no cost or obligation.

10. A Mortgage Broker can access mortgage rates and products from over 40 different lenders, banks, trust companies, investors and financial institutions.

11. A Mortgage Broker have the opportunity to effectively search a large segment of the mortgage industry for the optimum terms, rather than negotiate personally with only one or a few lenders.

More over every lender will check your credit report that will lower your beacon score. When a broker can access all lenders with one credit report.

As a result, the popularity of independent mortgage brokers is growing so people prefer to go A Mortgage Broker rather than going straight a Lender.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

* Mortgage interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. E.&O.E., O.A.C. Although every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of our website, the above mortgage information should only be used as a guideline. J D Mortgages recommends that you consult our mortgage broker before making a decision. If you have any mortgage related questions, speak to one of our mortgage specialists, please call 905 913 0059 or e-mail us at Note: Posted rates are for residential mortgages only. Commercial mortgage rates may be higher.

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